Shopping app to support Haverhill businesses fight back

Launch of Heart of Haverhill LoyalFree scheme

A loyalty shopping scheme which provides the perfect digital platform for Haverhill businesses to unite and showcase their special offers has been launched.

Heart of Haverhill, a group set up by ONE Haverhill Partnership to bring businesses together and promote their work, has signed up to the award-winning place promotion app LoyalFree.

The mobile app allows businesses to promote special offers for free in a bid to entice people to shop local and support the town’s independent and national businesses alike.

It was made possible thanks to funding from Haverhill Town Council as part of a £10,000 bid to support the town centre and promote it as a safe place to shop.

John Mayhew, spokesman for Heart of Haverhill, said: “We are indebted to councillors on Haverhill Town Council for their generosity and support.

“Their swift action enabled us to get the scheme up and running just as the new lockdown kicked in. They had the foresight to see the potential and give us the green light in what is a great example of partnership in Haverhill.

“The Town Council realised that help was needed fast and gave the scheme the push that was needed.

“We all know these are incredibly tough times for our town centre and Heart of Haverhill is here to do all we can to support and promote all our businesses.

“The LoyalFree app is a powerful yet simple way to join together and promote our fantastic businesses and really drive home the ’Shop Local’ message.”

Plans to launch the app have been brought forward in view of the introduction of the new lockdown and takeaway businesses in town can be featured on the app this week, expanding to food and other essential shops and businesses that are remaining open or changing the services to accommodate click and collect and takeaway services.
A leaflet will be delivered in the next few days to 13,000 local households and cards for residents, shoppers, customers and clients will be available.

Mr Mayhew added: “We urge businesses to sign up to this free platform and start sharing their special offers. We also want residents and visitors to log on and ensure they get the best deals from their local businesses in the run-up to Christmas.

“Our businesses have shown remarkable adaptability and resilience during the pandemic and measures have been put in place to ensure our town centre is as safe as possible.

“We must all adopt a ‘use it or lose it’ attitude to support our local businesses both before and after Christmas and the LoyalFree app is another great opportunity to do this.”

LoyalFree is an innovative place app designed to boost high street footfall by promoting various aspects of the town including special offers from businesses as well tourism information, event listings, interactive trails and more.

Usually £40 per month, the service is completely free to businesses in the town thanks to Heart of Haverhill, which is also promoting businesses that are remaining open during the November lockdown via its website and social media channels.

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Shopping app to support Haverhill businesses fight back

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